FLY-CUP was found in 2004.Now he is a 12 year-old healthy teenager.In past 2 years,we achieved many great developments, like vacuum furnace,dust-free plant and so on. Today,we have 400 more workers and OEM for some famous brands.

In 2015,we built a new effective Quality Management System in order to bring our products to a higher stage.There are more than 35 QC employees taking care of quality in our production site.Because we know that quality and the ability of development are the keys to get your trust.

CSR audited by the customers globally
Social responsibility and factory inspection
  • Human rights andsocial responsibility audit
    . CVS
    . BSCI
    . Kmart
    . SEDX2P
    . Disney
    . Target
    . SEDX4P
    . Newell
  • Counter-terrorism audit
    . GSV
    . Target
    . SCAN
    . Newell
  • The quality inspection
    . Hua Wei
    . Target
    . Newell
    . Costco
    . Wal-Mart FCCA
    . Starbucks
The current project team has extensive experience in developing new products with industry senior customers,and is familiar with regulations and compliance in diffrent regions.

And established an effective process internally.
Quality inspection information
1.A continuosly improving quality system has passed ISO9001 certification,and has been verified by quality audits of different customers such as KMART,Target,Morrions,Taobao,Huawei,FCCA,etc.

2.Under this quality management system,the primary inspection pass rate will increase to 93% in 2020.
  • 5 100% inspection procedures. Each batch of finished product has inspection
  • Each station has the first item Integrated SOP and full inspection control in production.they are the key pillar of the current quality system.
  • Every production chain has a daily inspection process and inspection report;incoming inspection and supplier management.
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