Classification of sports water bottles

Source: ZHEJIANG FLY CUP CO.,LTDRelease time: 2019-08-16

Water is the source of life, water and human survival is mutual, water is the most important supply for sports travel, the importance of water has to mention the water container -- cup, you can choose their own cup according to the classification of the cup.

First of all, sports cups can be roughly divided into plastic and metal cups in terms of materials

Plastic water cups are basically made of polyester and other similar PC products or PS materials. Manufacturers of general plastic thermos often mention that they do not contain BPA. Metallic cup is divided into stainless steel cup and titanium series cup commonly. Metal cups are characterized by their durability, while titanium cups are lightweight.

Ii. According to the function of the cup, it is generally divided into thermos cup, ordinary cup and shrinkage cup

The material often seen in the market is stainless steel, heat preservation or cold effect is basically achieved by high vacuum.

Ordinary cups are characterized by ease of operation. The main feature of the shrink cup is that it is easy to carry and can effectively save the space of the backpack. At present, there are also metal and plastic folding cups on the market.

According to the opening design of the cup, it is generally divided into built-in stopper fixation and external cap fixation. It is actually divided into two inner and outer LIDS. The outer lid is basically used as a small cup, and the inner lid is basically fixed by internal rotation. Some brands use press opening mode on the inner lid.