How to use thermos correctly?

Source: ZHEJIANG FLY CUP CO.,LTDRelease time: 2019-08-16

There are many kinds of thermos on the market now, but the quality is uneven, not all liquids fit into the thermos, such as the following:

1. Acidic drinks

Stainless steel because of high melting point, so not due to high temperature melting release of adverse substances, but stainless steel is most afraid of strong acid, if a long time of strong acid drinks, is likely to produce damage to its liner. In addition, to avoid the destruction of nutrients, juice is not suitable for high temperature storage. Thermos are well sealed, and sweet drinks are prone to spoilage due to a large number of microorganisms

2, dry ice, carbonated drinks

Dry ice and carbonated drinks should not be put in the thermos to avoid the danger that the cork cannot be opened or the contents spew out due to the rise of internal pressure.

3, do not make tea

If use vacuum cup tea, make tea in a high temperature, constant temperature water for a long time, as well as with temperature decoction, the vitamin in a large number of broken tea, aromatic oil volatilization, tannic acid, theophylline, a large number of leaching, not only reduce the nutritional value of tea, still can make tea juice fragrance-free, tea taste bitter, if soaking time is too long, the tea they may also release heavy metal material, Harmful to health. In addition, the thermos cup will change color when it is kept warm for a long time. It is recommended to use tea bags to brew tea when going out.

4, should not put salt liquid

Because the inner liner of the thermos cup is sandblasted and electrolyzed, the inner liner after electrolysis can avoid the physical reaction caused by direct contact between water and stainless steel material, and the corrosive salt may cause damage to it, so it is not suitable to be installed in the cup for a long time.

5, not dairy products, juice, etc

Some people keep hot milk in thermos to keep it handy, but this allows the microbes in milk to thrive at the right temperature, leading to spoilage and diarrhea and abdominal pain. Milk in the high temperature environment, vitamins and other nutrients will be destroyed, while the acidic substance in milk and the inner wall of the thermos cup chemical reaction, affecting human health.

6. It is not suitable to soak Traditional Chinese medicine

Some people also like to soak Chinese medicine in a thermos cup, convenient to carry and drink. However, the decocted Traditional Chinese medicine generally dissolves a large number of acidic substances, which are easy to react with the chemical substances contained in the inner wall of the thermos cup and dissolve into the decoction, causing adverse effects on the human body.